Spirit Indestructible Review!

I wanna say 3 things:

  • Nelly Furtado tweeted my blog entry about her. ❤ I noticed at work, turned around to my Account Manager and he asked me why I was blushing and smiling so big. So many hearts!
  • I’ve been waiting for this album really since April, right around the time I was in Austria and the TSI web series came out, but it feeeels like forever.

On September 18, I ignored my morning radio shows, and slipped the CD (yes, compact disc, my car is not hi-tech yet) into my car stereo and immediately started belting out the first song, Spirit Indestructible.

ASIDE: I have a habit of dancing and singing while I’m driving and I feel that that will turn into a video blog entry soon.

I am so happy that I love every song. Even on the deluxe edition. Not-a-one song induced an “ewww.”

Instead of talking about every song (I can be a little long winded), I’ll give my opinion of The Spirit Indestructible, track by track, in 3 words. (Like how those fun, clever, shabadoo people do):

  1. Spirit Indestructible — Roaring, Inspiring, Comforting
  2. Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) — Hood fashion show
  3. High Life — My fave track!
  4. Parking Lot — Danceable marijuana nostalgia
  5. Something — Sexy, Eerie, Jinns
    ASIDE: By Jinns, I do mean, jinns. Like Jinni. Like ghosts, spirits, demons, like this guy:

    (Source: Lords & Legends Wiki)
  6. Bucket List — Learned right away.
  7. The Most Beautiful Song — Yoga cool down
  8. Waiting For the Night — Nightclubs in Rome
  9. Miracles — Best surprise yet!
  10. Circles — Gorillaz feat. Furtado
  11. Enemy — Maybe Least Fave?
  12. Believers — Smells like Jasmine
  13. Hold Up — Aaliyah’s rock sensibilities
  14. End of the World — Meatloaf’s little sister
  15. Don’t Leave Me — Wow! Reggae ballad!
  16. Be OK — “Yes, I am.”
  17. Thoughts — Quality quieter moment
  18. Thoughts (Tiesto) — Love Tiesto too

High Life might be my favorite because it’s a lot of fun, and I like that there isn’t really much of a chorus– just a bunch of hooky La-Las and a warning phrase! It’s such a clever song. Circles is a close second for me, as It does remind of something that Damon Albarn/Gorillaz would whip up. An atmospheric, slightly dance-y song with a quirky beat.

Waiting for the Night reminds me of Stereo Love by Edward Maya. The difference being that I haven’t heard Waiting for the Night 400,000 times. Both songs have that after-dark, Italian night club at a beach resort feel.

I love it when singers use their voices like instruments (My other musical heroine Alison Goldfrapp is fantastic at this), and Nelly does it at the end of Hold Up. I kept going back and forth trying to decide if it was her voice or an electric guitar carrying a melody. I decided on voice and was very impressed.

I can understand how Loose fans might be a little disappointed if they were expecting a CD full of ass anthems, but I think everyone who’s a Nelly Furtado fan would like it if they give it a shot (Not that Loose was even an ass-anthem album, but w/e).

Nelly was totally right– this album has all of the elements of her music that she’s shown us so far. It’s all pop music, but it’s GOOD, quality stuff! And it’s just nice to hear someone not singing about how luscious their ass/tits/p**sy/sex is or how they just wanna get drunk and dance. Nobody wants to be a sloptart all the time, do they?

Again, a big THANK YOU to Nelly Furtado! I’ll be waiting in the wings waiting for your new batch of songs, not that I’ll stop listening to these!


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